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Newark Reglazing & Refinishing

Professional Bathtub Reglazing

Reglazing brings back the original look of porcelain and ceramic surfaces and fittings. Your old bathtubs and tiles can be reglazed to look brand new in just a few hours and for a fraction of the cost of replacing them!!!

Your bathtub has probably lost some of its original looks over time due to the harsh cleaners you’ve used. Also, the surface has become so porous that it can no longer be cleaned. The rough surface soaks up dirt, and soap scum like a sponge soaks up water.

Someone might have dropped a big thing on your tub, which chipped or damaged the surface. The tub may have been badly damaged by the improper use of drain cleaners or other chemicals. Something might have changed the color of the tub. Your tile could get old and start to crack, change color, or lose its shine. You might not like the color of your bathtub or tiles, or the grout between your tiles might be old and hard to clean.

Reglazing is a way to fix all of these problems. Our experts can fix any parts that are broken or cracked. Then, they will use our industrial cleaning method to prepare the surface to be repainted. Then, we’ll set up ventilation equipment to stop overspray and smells, put on masks, and protect all goods nearby.

Next, we put on our unique adhesive covering and let it dry. We put our “No Slip” bottom on the tub when we reglaze it so that people don’t slip and fall. The last step is putting on and synthesizing our unique synthetic porcelain finish. The new surface is shiny and easy to keep clean. There are no dangerous chemical wastes or messes in your home.
Sealing the grout lines makes it almost impossible for mildew to grow.

Why should you have to get rid of an old bathtub or tile because the color is out of style or the surface is broken? We can make them look as good as new in ANY COLOR for a small fraction of what it would cost to buy new ones.

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services we offer

Countertop Reglazing

Replacing counter tops can be time-consuming and costly. Why spend all that resources replacing counters when you can resurface them making them look like new again.

Bathtub Refinishing

Our team of experts can fix bathtub and shower dents, cracks and stains making your bathroom look new again.  We also offer other bathroom services to make yours look even better!

Tile Floor Refinishing

Planning to change your bathroom tiles? Let a team of experienced professionals help you bring your bathroom back to life with fresh tiles, clean grout, and pleasing aesthetic.

Multi-Stone Refinishing

We have a great custom-made service. Choose your layout or design and we’ll make it happen! We can also give you the variety of colors that you want to make your bathroom more personalized and “you”.

Tile Wall Reglazing

Do you tile walls look old and dingy? Are you simply tired of looking at the old and outdated colors? Don’t replace them which can be costly and time consuming. Call our team today for expert help.

Bathroom Floor Tile Refinishing

Refinishing your bathroom tile floor costs smaller than what it would cost to replace it. It’s a very cheap way to clean your bathroom without spending much money.

Bathtub Restoration

If your tub is old or broken, the best thing to do is to call a professional bathtub restoration service. You can turn your old, broken tub back into the sparkling fixture it once was back in the day. Click below to learn more.

Bathtub Services

Our team of experts is skilled at fixing any chip, crack, inlays, dents, and more. Whatever it is making your bathroom look old and dated, we can help. We can repair your tub whether it’s made of porcelain, fiberglass, etc.

Bathroom Tile Refinishing

If you are weary of gazing at the outdated bubblegum pink tile every time you take a shower, tile restoration is an excellent method to modernize your bathroom. Call us today for more info!

Shower Pan Refinishing

We can fix your shower from top to bottom, including the floor. With our tub and shower refinishing service, you can keep your current shower stall, set the base of the shower pan, and save a lot of money by not having to replace it.

Shower Refinishing

We repair or refinish shower stalls, tiles, and more! our work will significantly improve the wear and tear caused by use. Our objective is to give you with high-quality service that is less expensive than replacing your shower or tub.

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