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Glass art transforms; GlassRoots strives to fulfill its mission of igniting and building greater Newark’s creative and economic vitality, emphasizing under-served youth and young adults. It is a done deal that this work will be finished by serving under-served youth and young adults.

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Since it was established in 2001, GlassRoots has provided the Greater Newark region with various services, including its core youth entrepreneurship programs, student field trips, and “art-for-sake” art classes for the general public. These services have attracted tens of thousands of young people.

They involve local adolescents by exposing them to glassmaking’s heat and potential hazards. Their students are taught the patience, cooperation, and creative problem-solving skills, as well as the self-discipline and resiliency required to operate safely with fire at temperatures of 2200 degrees and molten glass. They develop their chemistry, physics, and mathematics skills via practical application. They grow into young business owners as they bring their goods to market and create new ones.

They join a vibrant community. In which everyone gains knowledge from one another. Each time their younger artists work with glass and see the force of their unique creativity, they become more skilled and confident.

Classes offered by GlassRoots to students in the sixth through twelfth grades are based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Art). They supplement academic learning with experience drawn from the real world. Young people have various opportunities to discover that through perseverance and cooperation, they can produce magnificent pieces of art and, by extension, a future for themselves, thanks to the vast range of creative programs that they provide. The production of glass is brought to the forefront of GlassRoots’ workforce development programs, providing participants with a clear route to professional advancement. Apprenticeships in scientific glass and programs teaching craft entrepreneurship provide young adults between 18 and 35 with job-ready training

Classes and Program

Glass Art Summer Camp

Campers participating in GlassRoots’ Summer Camp Sessions can create various glass art projects while working in one or two of their three studios. These projects require trailers to utilize the methods and tools essential to each shop, including flamework, kilnforming, mosaics, and glassblowing.

Team Building in Newark


Team members’ capacity to communicate and get to know each other outside work will boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention rates.

Fun with a Purpose

At GlassRoots, they think that professional team development is much more than just playing games with one another. It depends on your connections with your coworkers and your ability to create the power and stamina necessary to guide your team, your customers, and your business to victory.

Why Team Building?

The following are some of the ways onboarding new employees and professional growth might benefit from team building in organizations:


  • Participation in interactive onboarding events helps build a foundation aligned with the organization’s fundamental values and team objectives. It is essential for businesses to immediately integrate newly hired workers into preexisting teams or to form new groups as soon as feasible, regardless of whether the newly hired workers are permanent employees, summer associates, interns, medical residents, or temporary workers.
  • What are your origins, and how and why did you get started? How do you convey your organization’s core principles and objectives to your staff and customers? GlassRoots will collaborate with your company to find the answers to these questions to tailor-make team-building events that allow workers to feel more connected to the roots of their workplace.

Professional Development

  • Your industry is expanding into uncharted lands due to novel thoughts and ideas. Observing practices that have been successful in the past may not be the best course of action. Your team at GlassRoots encourages people to be more open to new concepts and points of view by promoting risk-taking behaviors and encouraging creative exploration.
  • Team-building activities have been shown to boost the productivity of a business, and the customized packages that GlassRoots provides give an experience that is adapted to the specific requirements of your particular professional group. They allow you to incorporate the outcomes of your journey into the setting where you regularly perform your job duties throughout each activity.


Scouts, bring them to GlassRoots! Scouts who visit GlassRoots on field excursions can stop by one, two, or three studios—the Flame Shop, the Flat Shop, and the Hot Shop—for practical glass art-making instruction. Every glass art project includes education in actual color and design theory, experience with glass tools, and an introduction to glass.

Lessons combine pertinent STEAM concepts (STEM + art), historical context, and many possibilities for global skill development in teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and communication. For students in grades five and higher, field excursions are offered. Program costs vary depending on duration and financial capacity.

Glass bead and lamp making at FLAME SHOP

The fundamentals of flameworking will be taught to scouts, along with lectures on gravity and viscosity, so they can make glass beads and other tiny things that can be taken home the same day. The foundations of jewelry creation may also be covered in lessons.

FLAT SHOP — Flat Glass/Mosaic Making/Kilnforming/Fused Glass

Scouts will construct a unique mosaic or glass-fused (kilnformed) artwork after learning the fundamentals of Flat Shop equipment, including glass clippers, running pliers, and scoring knives. The instructors will cover the use of geometric patterns in design and color theory. Lessons in casting, etching, and printing could also be covered in Flat Shop.


Is it difficult to accomplish?

The process of flameworking, also known as lampworking, begins with the glass rod being melted over a gas burner. Next, the molten glass is wrapped around a steel rod until the basic bead is formed. Then, with different colors, one may add anything one wants, such as dots, lines, initials, etc. In a similar vein, one is allowed to create various plants, animals, and flowers. For a lengthy period, the capacity to keep one’s arms out in front of one’s body, about at chest level, is necessary for flameworking. Flameworking is an activity that may be enjoyed by their pupils starting at the age of 10.

Cutting glass using specific equipment is necessary to create fused glass or mosaics. They utilize pre-cut glass with softened edges for their GlassRoots Jr. workshops, which are geared at their younger pupils. Cutting does not call for a great lot of strength on your part.

Is it dangerous?

Even though there is an obvious risk involved because of the heat, they start by teaching safety and then go on to actual glassmaking. In the GlassRoots hotshop, you may have a good time, express your creativity, and do it alone or with a few close friends.

You can reach them at (973) 353-9555 or check out their website.

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