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More about Newark.

Almost a Century of History

Since its establishment in 1925 as the Salaam Temple, the Newark Symphony Hall has been the incubator for over a century’s worth of artistic and cultural endeavors. It is presently the oldest and most influential arts and entertainment facility in the state of New Jersey. The Salaam Temple, instantly dubbed “The Mosque” by guests who passed their doorway, rapidly attracted varied crowds and became the focus of Brick City’s live entertainment scene shortly after they entered Newark’s cultural nightlife.

The development of talking movies, vaudeville shows, and symphony orchestras paved the way for a thriving cinema industry in which viewers could take pleasure in the splendor of the most recent motion pictures in grand fashion. They prevailed through the Great Depression’s economic downturn because the new administration’s dedication to making the Mosque symbolized the city’s grit and determination. This allowed them to survive. The Griffith Music Foundation, led by Lena Donaldson Griffith, the owner of the Griffith Piano Company, understood the significance of the art’s role in the growth of their community. As a result, they transformed the Mosque into a dynamic venue that artists and entertainers from diverse backgrounds were excited to include in their touring schedules.

The Performances of Legends

If you dig deep enough, you may be could looking for it. Visitors may listen to opera (Marion Anderson, Placido Domingo, Jerome Hines), ballet (The New Jersey Ballet Company, Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo), piano virtuosi (Victor Borge, Van Cliburn), or rock ‘n’ roll (The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones).

Even though the latter decades of the 20th century were difficult for many people, artists kept performing on their global stage. Performers including Gladys Knight, The O’Jays, Richard Pryor, Queen Latifa, Dick Gregory, Marilia Mendonca, Vice Ganda, Beverly Sills, Patti LaBelle, Robert Merrill, and Leontyne Price have likely played to sold-out crowds in the area during the last 50 years. Other notable performers include Robert Merrill. And they want to ensure the next generation of legends and those on the verge of code get this inheritance.


Youth Programs

Studio 1020 at Newark Symphony Hall is an arts development program formerly known as the Children’s Performing Arts Academy. It is geared toward providing young people between the ages of 8 and 19 with community-centered arts education and the opportunity to be creative.

Participating in the arts may result in many positive outcomes, such as an improvement in one’s self-confidence, personal and cognitive development, and the capacity for improved teamwork and leadership. Studio 1020 welcomes anybody interested in the arts, whether seeking pre-professional arts instruction, extracurricular experience, or a new after-school activity.

Dance: New Jersey Ballet

The Newark Symphony Hall is pleased to announce a partnership with the New Jersey Ballet to provide underprivileged young people living in and around the Newark region access to free ballet courses and other possibilities.

Program Eligibility

The following types of students are catered to by the New Jersey Ballet x Newark Symphony Hall Ballet Program:

  • Children ages 8 to 12 who are disadvantaged by financial obstacles to arts education
  • live in or around Newark, New Jersey, can attend lessons online through Zoom. * those
  • who have an interest in, or a strong enthusiasm for, movement

Receiving an education in the arts is a luxury. This initiative intends to make high-quality dance training more accessible to a broader audience by eliminating tuition and registration fees and giving priority to students from underprivileged and low-income communities.

When you or a member of your family:

  • Benefit from or be eligible for governmental assistance (i.e., SNAP, WIC, TANF, etc.)
  • They are either underemployed or jobless, have considerable debt, and cannot participate in other artistic programs.
  • Are either residents of public housing or homeless individuals

Class Guidelines & What to Expect

Dancing in a virtual environment may be challenging for several different reasons. Your well-being and protection come first and take up all of their attention. The following list is intended to assist you in getting ready for a productive and pleasurable class experience.

What You Need

  • You will need sufficient space to walk about in and a clean floor to avoid being hurt. Standing with your arms at your sides, you should check that there is at least a couple of feet of space on both sides.
  • Put on garments that allow you to move freely without restricting you. Wearing clothes that fit you well makes it easier for your teacher to see what you are doing.

Zoom Etiquette

  • Please keep the camera on and focused on your body if you can. During some drills, your teacher might ask you to switch the orientation of your camera.
  • If you are not using it, please keep the microphone muted.

About the Class

  • Every one of the open courses is at the beginning level. Absolutely no prior experience is required.
  • The class will begin with “barre” exercises, which are stationary and finish with “center” activities, which are free-moving exercises. The course will conclude with a cool down and “reverence” (closing sequence).
  • You will need waist-high support that you can grip onto to do barre (i.e., railing, back of a chair, countertop, etc.)
  • Your trainer will show each workout and walk you through the proper technique for each stage.
  • The exercises will be kept to a manageable length to facilitate their memorization and speedy execution.
  • During the lesson, your teacher could provide feedback, either to particular students or the whole class. Corrections are praises!

New Jersey Youth Poet Laureate

The New Jersey Youth Poet Laureate program allows young people from around the state to hone their writing and performing abilities within a nurturing community. The program comprises two primary elements: instructional seminars held throughout the year and an annual competition.

Literary Arts Workshops

Opportunities will be published one at a time here as they become available. Before enrolling for the event, you should read the full event description since the sessions will each cover a unique subject and have particular prerequisites.

All workshops are made available to the general public at no cost. At this time, none of the workshops are being held offline.

All about Newark.

Participation in the tournament is open to students regardless of whether or not they have registered for it. Participating in the competition will not affect a student’s overall performance.

For more information, visit their website at (973)643-4550