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It is a well-liked park that offers a wide range of leisure opportunities. 1901 was the year that saw the Olmsted Brothers complete the design for Weequahic Park.

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The most prominent feature of the recently established park system is Weequahic Lake, the biggest lake in the county. A trotting track, already in situ and referred to as the Waverly Fair Grounds, provided an exciting and distinctive feature. There were thousands of people there to see the amateur trotting events. There are still remnants of the racing track that operated successfully between 1900 and 1960. Once upon a time, back when the park was used widely for a variety of actual municipal events, there was a sizable grandstand that served as the location for many different sorts of entertainment.

By 1915, Weequahic Park had a nine-hole golf course—the first public golf course in the state of New Jersey—as part of its collection of amenities. In 1969, the golf course had a makeover that resulted in the addition of 18 new holes.

In 1916, the following three significant buildings were constructed: 1) The Dividend Hill Pavilion, which was built as part of the festivities commemorating the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the City of Newark. It is a landmark that marks the location of the meeting on May 28, 1668, between the Commissioners of Newark and Elizabeth to determine the borderline between these two communities. The Lenape Indians held their traditional 

“pow-wows” on the location now known as Dividend Hill. There are three notable landmarks in the park:

  1. The Franklin Murphy Monument.
  2. The Elizabeth Avenue Children’s Building contains the adjoining playground and is famous for its gothic design.
  3. The Franklin Murphy Memorial.

Both structures are situated on Elizabeth Avenue. His farsightedness made it possible for future generations to enjoy locations such as Weequahic Park.

Weequahic Park Sports.

The Weequahic Park Sports Authority is a park conservancy that falls under the category of 501(C)(3) and works in collaboration with Essex County to restore and preserve the historical aspects of the county park while also teaching the fundamentals of a variety of sports and activities to the children and teenagers in the surrounding community. Their community-based programs include but are not limited to instructing young people in conservation, perseverance, stewardship, leadership, and many other topics.

Their commitment to the community has resulted in the refurbishment of a local treasure in Weequahic Park (the Judge Ernest Booker’s Paddle Ball Court), 

The replacement of 150 trees that Superstorm Sandy destroyed, the provision of nutritious food to the community for more than three years within Weequahic Park

Hosting several cleanup initiatives, community events that support the National “Let’s Move” healthy lifestyle initiative, and a variety of fundamental sports and recreational activities.

Weequahic Park Association

The Weequahic Park Association (WPA), a grassroots urban environmental group that is globally renowned, has as its mission the restoration and preservation of Weequahic Park. The WPA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

The greatest extent that is humanly possible, the ideals that Frederick Law Olmsted presented When explaining the parks’ significance, he said, “These are places that should provide a beautiful escape from the pressures of day-to-day life.”

With great honor, the Weequahic Park Association (WPA) has accomplished in its effort to revitalize historic Weequahic Park. In a world where severe and tremendous intentions must often bow to the harsh realities that face them, the Weequahic Park Alliance is proud of its work to restore the historic park.

These include using biodegradable coir coconut fiber rolls to improve the lake shoreline and stormwater quality, constructing a 2.2-mile-long running track made entirely of the post-consumer product (recycled tires and sneakers), and a urethane binding layer made of rubber granules. Over recent years, the Weequahic Park Association has produced a comprehensive project for the rehabilitation of Weequahic Park. 

The ardent desire to see Weequahic Park evolve into a park of world-class caliber is the common denominator that serves as the chord that lends harmony and purpose to the Weequahic Park Association.

The Weequahic Park Association has been responsible for the successful organization of various programs and events, including social services, music and other cultural events, educational and recreational programs, festivals, fireworks in the park, and other activities. Within the context of justice and fairness, the World Parks Association tackles a wide range of environmental, social, and cultural problems in addition to the protection of parks, concerns about public health, and air pollution. 

The WPA has advocated for the improvement of the park for three years, during which time a road race was established, a new fitness path was built, and two playgrounds for children on the edge of collapse were renovated.

Helping to maintain this spectacular 311-acre natural resource and capitalizing on the economic, educational, and vocational possibilities available for the community are two ways that the Weequahic Park Association is continuing to improve the urban quality of life. WPA hosts community meetings, educational sessions, and seminars at the community center. This is done since the community center is near Newark Airport and other polluting enterprises. 

The Weequahic Park Association encourages anybody interested in helping them rehabilitate Weequahic Park to get in touch with them.

You may reach them at (973)-268-3500 or by visiting their website.

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