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Ceramic Tile Solutions & Bathtub Refinishing for Hotels

The hospitality industry understands the importance of keeping a pristine appearance for comfortable lodging. Newark Tub Reglazing serves the needs of your commercial properties by offering treatments that could increase rents. We are aware that each day your lodging is unavailable resulting in lost revenue. To avoid this, we take every conceivable safety measure. We understand that commercial accounts in the hospitality sector have certain needs and concerns before we start a project. Typically, these worries center on the length of time required and how the project will affect the available space when it is crowded.

Do outdated, damaged, cracked, or chipped bathroom fixtures in your hotel provide the wrong impression of your business?

The answer is accessible from Newark Tub Reglazing, which is fantastic news.

Make sure to offer your guests beautiful, immaculate accommodations. All of us are aware of the mistreatment hotel rooms receive. However, we can improve them as opposed to investing time and money in renovating them! We’ve completed tens of thousands of refinishing projects for hotels of all stripes, so we are aware of what’s crucial: cost, timely completion, and magnificent results!

When compared to replacement, Newark Tub Reglazing’s unique surface refinishing technique is significantly less expensive, and we can typically get your rooms back in use in less than 24 hours. On all popular tub types, including those constructed of cast iron, steel, fiberglass, and whirlpools, we carry out interior and exterior repairs and refinishing. With regard to our coatings, we provide a warranty against concerns with peeling and adherence.

Newark Tub Reglazing can help, whether your bathtub requires a brand-new look or only a few chips need to be fixed.

One of the few objects that a guest will probably only use once per day is the hotel bathtub. The tub being slippery or dirty is one of the most common complaints on hotel review websites. The best commercial bathtub and bathroom restoration company must be selected by a hotel for the first time for this reason. In addition to suffering a deluge of negative reviews, a hotel may miss out on tens of thousands of dollars in potential revenue as a result of shoddy work and extended timetables.

Discounts are provided by Newark Tub Reglazing. Get a free quote today.