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Regarding reglazing

Regarding reglazing

Reglazing is the technique used to give porcelain and ceramic surfaces and fixtures a brand-new finish. In just a few hours and for a fraction of the price of replacement, your outdated bathtubs and tiling may be brought back to its former glory with reglazing.

Your bathtub undoubtedly lost its original appearance over the years, primarily due to the use of abrasive, harsh cleaners. Furthermore, the surface has really developed pores to the extent that it is next to impossible to maintain clean. The roughened surface traps dirt and soap scum in the same way that a sponge traps liquid.

The surface of your tub may have been chipped or otherwise harmed because someone dropped a weight on it. Perhaps improper use of drain cleaners or other chemicals caused serious harm to the tub. Perhaps something has left a significant stain on the bathtub. Your tile may be crazing, discoloring, or no longer shining because it is getting older. You might not like the color of your tile or bathtub, or perhaps the grout between your tiles is dated and difficult to keep clean.

All of these issues are fixable with reglazing. Any damaged or chipped portions can be repaired by our professionals. Then, using our industrial cleaning procedure, they will get the surface ready for reglazing. The next step is to mask off, protect, and put up ventilation devices to control overspray and scents on all nearby goods. Our unique adhesive coating is then applied and allowed to cure. We install our “No Slip” bottom when we reglaze the tub to prevent slip and fall incidents. Finally, we apply and chemically bind the surface with our unique synthetic porcelain finish. The new surface is gleaming and simple to maintain. There are no hazardous chemical remnants or messes in your residence. Mildew growth is almost completely prevented by sealing grout lines.

Why throw out that old tub or those worn-out tiles just because their color is dated or their surface is damaged? In ANY COLOR, we can restore them to like-new condition for a fraction of the price of replacement!

Replacement versus Refinishing

The major issues with traditional replacement revolve around removing the outdated bathtub. Bathroom tile, wall, and floor pieces must be ripped out as part of the operation. It takes longer and costs more money when the old plumbing is placed incorrectly to accommodate a new bathtub. It is simple to see how replacing a bathtub can cost thousands of dollars when you factor in the price of the new bathtub, floor and wall materials, ceramic tiles, lumber, carpenter, plumber, and tile setter, not to mention the dust, noise, and inconvenience of having workers stomp through your house for days or even weeks. The inconvenience of spending a lot of time without access to your own bathroom comes last.

Reglazing bathroom fixtures can give your outdated fixtures and tile a new lease of life in less than a day. The inconvenience and downtime of replacement are avoided for you. Up to 80% of the expense of replacement can be avoided by reglazing. (By the way, a new bathtub is frequently not as good as one that is being replaced. Even the tile and fixtures can be painted a different color. You don’t have to live in the agony of replacement to get the bathroom of your dreams.